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Why do so many Disney "celebrities" ***** up?
i dont watch disney but i do watch the news. britney came from disney while doing th emickey mouse club and look at her effed up life. lindsey is a train wreck... and now vanessa whatever her name is goes nude.

i dont think disney is setting good examples. yeah i get that those girls have there own lives and make mistakes and everyone who is human can make them.
but the peopel who watch disney are little guys. wat if they start to think its ok to have naked pics of urself and go out without wearing underwear and drink and drive.

disney has some ****** up celebs. im trying to wonder why? do they want to disassociate themselves from the "squeaky clean" company?
lol! i tottaly agree with you. i always knew that vanessa would be the next lindsey/paris/britney, so when i heard about the photos, i really wasn't surprised. now, i think that sweet little smiley miley is next :)
disney is all ****** up now.
Why is this country embracing a guy molester as a hero? Why do we feel our celebs are above the law?
Yes, Yes, Yes, I know he was acquitted of the charges, but that just goes to show you that $$$ can get you around the law. This question is not just about MJ. So if you get pissed and want to rant go somewhere else.

My question is why are our celeb's not held to the same laws as we are? My examples are Jackson= Guy Molester, OJ=Murderer and Robber and of course there is Donte Stallworth who was the drunken football player who mowed down the highway worker in his vehicle. Its getting crazy!!

Paris Hilton spent , what 3 weeks in Jail?! Nick Hogan only served 166 days in jail after wrecking his Supra and damn near killing his friend while he was drunk!!

Its called Celebrity Justice and its ****** up. Why are they not held to the same standards as everyone else?
Money, they have a lot of it. It's just the way the world works nowadays.
Wife is feeling very insecure! please advise me?
my wife and I have been wed for just about 8 months. the troubles actually started before we got married. we lived in different countries, and we decided to get married. I had to move there, and after talking to everyone that was close to me, they all had me second guessing my decision, and stupid me i told her about it. it broke her heart so much that i would get cold feet that it still comes up quite often whenever there is a dispute. next heartbreak was when i casually told her that i masturbated earlier that day, and she was very hurt by that too. I had no idea she felt this way about me and my masturbation. she feels left out of my passionate life, and wishes to be the only one that i want satisfaction from. after this, a few months had passed and one day I masturbated again. she was horny when she came home and we tried to have sex, but my penis wouldnt go up because of my previous ejaculation. before we started she asked me if i masturbated and I lied saying no in order to keep her from getting hurt... although it wasnt a good idea to lie because when she found out, her trust in my drastically declined. now, she feels as if anything i say that might please her is a lie to 'protect' her. I found out that being honest worked best... until last night. she asked me to answer two questions honestly. first was, if i thought her body or megan fox's body looked better. i answered megan fox. next she asked me who i thought was the most beautiful woman in the world. this is where i really ****** up. i was just thinking about all those celebrities out there whether they be american or asian, and i ended up saying some celebritys name. this SEVERELY hurt her that i didnt find her to be the most beautiful person in the world. my god i was panicking at this point and had no clue how to fix what i had just done. my wife is the most precious thing to me and she is the best thing thats ever come into my life, and i just named a celebrity out of the blue to a compliment fishing question. being my dumb self, I said i like her the best, but she could improve just a little. i suggested that if she lost a little weight, she would be even more beautiful than i found her now. wow this was ANOTHER huuge mistake! theres been a lot of tears, insecurity, and distrust and it even got to the point where she lost her wedding rings and looked up divorce. does anyone have any suggestions for me? im pretty sure theres nothing that can make this situation worse than it already is, but it really feels like rock bottom.
I hope you are not serious! This sounds like a joke! Why would you do that? You've broken the trust in your relationship and she feels as though she is not good enough for you. Now she will be comparing herself to all the other fake, airbrushed women out there and develop a complex about the way she looks. What YOU need to do is get yourself educated. Understand that celebrities and women in the media are air brushed, paid a lot of money to workout for hours a day, have dietitians and nutritionists, hair and make up stylists, etc. I am sure if your wife were to trade positions, she would look just as good, if not better and with the personality to match! Grow up! You have been sucked in by the media!

And give your wife the time and space to heal, be patient and don't make her feel worse because of the complex you have given her. You need to reassure her that she is beautiful to you and stop being absorbed in this pornified culture. Let her know, that YOU know that these women are not the most realistic representation of everyday women in society and not even Megan Fox could compare to her.

And if you can't do that, at least let her be with a man who will! I also suggest you do some reading on the subject - Melinda Tankard Reist is a good place to start and even google "Dr. Jean Kilbourne".
Do you think the miley hate is stupid?
I think she is very pretty & Talented! But people hate her because what she did in the past so we all make mistakes I bet you have to shes a teenage girl you can't expect her to be rainbows and unicorns & i notice that when she cursed in can't be tamed people were bullying her but when selena gomez curses in one of her songs on her album everybody defends her saying shes getting older and can do what she wants. Thats unfair people rate her music awful and say shes only famous because of her dad but when she was in middle school these mean girls locked her in the school bathroom. "Shes a bad rolemodel" why do you look up to celebrities anyway look up to a mom instead. And i notice that when she wears short shorts people call her a slut but when selena does it they say she looks pretty. Thats unfair!!! But when selena does this cdn02.okcdn.okmagazine.com/wp-con…
They shut up! Miley cares about her fans on twitter when was the last time selena thanked her fans without promoting something? All she does is promote!! Buy my new album go see my movie! Why hate miley for some mistakes she did? But when selena gomez does mistakes people start defending her its ****** up really ****** up
I HATE That slu$ i hope she (%&)*^%$#@#^&(_*(&)^%$#^%$#.............…
Do You Think The Judge Had it Out for O.J Simpson?
It just seems like they are just punishing him for what he got away with years earlier. I mean to get 33 years for a robbery & you were just taking your stuff back that was stolen from you in the first place. I mean Martha Stewart got like 9 months, all of these other celebrities do bone headed s**t & get like a week in jail. Though O.J was retarted, remedial, idiotic in doing what he did, I dont think his sentence was appropriate. My opinion really isn't on either side, cuz I could care less....its not me getting ****** in the **** canal by a lifer, I just think that they were trying to get revenge for the murder case....
Who cares, the murderer is in prison.
I think i'm depressed. your opinions please?
i don't really know how to explain this, so i'm just going to do the best i can.
thanks in advance for everyone who reads this.

- i want to be alone all the time.
- i can't seem to motivate myself to do anything, even the things i enjoy doing like riding my horses.
- i don't actually feel sad most of the time; i just feel numb. it's actually nice in some ways, yet frustrating and annoying? i don't know, it's queer. -.-
- sometimes i get really angry over little things.
- i feel like no one even notices what i'm going through and that pisses me off too.
- i constantly think about suicide, and always find myself looking up methods, suicide notes and celebrities who have committed suicide on the internet.
- i can't imagine a future for myself. i can't see myself growing up, getting a career ect..
- i know i'm going no where fast and i don't seem to give a ****.
- i don't even want to be here, life bores me. everything bores me.
- i've stopped going to school.
- and i self-harm at least once a day.
- when i self-harm sometimes i don't even feel upset, it's just like i get bored so i do it.
- i sleep. a lot. i just really enjoy sleeping because it's like an escape from everything.

my dad walked in on me while i was wiping the blood off my leg and he basically went insane at me. -.- i don't want to get help, but in another way i think i should.

i don't know how to ask for help, or if i even want/need it. i can't just go up to my dad and be like "hey dad, i'm really ****** up i need you to book me into therapy." :L but i know this is getting out of control. it's affecting everything in my life.

i need friends who understand what i'm going through but none of my friends have been through this, and quite frankly, i wouldn't want to bring it up with them.

i don't know, my life is just falling apart. again.

do you guys think i'm depressed? do you think i should seek help, ect?
1. Love yourself. Just because your are "you" !

2. Locate the problem.. preferring to be alone is not a problem, that's natural, it's called introversion.

3. The basic theory of a friend, is someone with similar interests who "matches" you (meaning you like each other) .

stay strong girl
Please some one, I need help?
My mom consistantly has these fits where she yells and says she's going to kill herself, and she can't wait to die. When I talked to my guidence councilor, which I'd done before, she tried to report it as a neglect case, which it isn't, seeing as I've already had to deal with one of those cases when I was younger and I have experienced it. She luckily called my therapist first, but my therapist totally invaded my privacy and told a lot of personal things to both my guidence councilor and my mother when she came in for a mandatory visit. I kind of went on a rampage the following couple of weeks, not eating much and drinking and hooking up a lot, so now my reputations kind of ****** up. I also got into a fight with my therapist when I told her how invaded I felt and how I felt she did the wrong thing and now I'm kicked out of therapy and called a ton of names, like a sick weirdo. I don't want to talk to my guidance councilor either, and although she recommended me to the social worker at my school I don't trust anyone. My friends who were previously available are pretty much gone. I can't focus in school or work up the energy for homework. The one person I can talk to basically only wants me for sex and they have a girlfriend. I feel so alone.
On top of it all, my mom is going to quit her job, which she got after a year of unemployment and I'm going to have to move in which they grandparents who I won't get along with. I don't want to eat. I want good grades. i want to be good. I want to be liked. I want to be normal. But all of these feelings keep rushing up, I feel like my father leaving me, getting beaten, getting rape threats, getting taken advantage of, the yearning to be a good daughter to my mother and failing because shes so depressed, are getting rolled up with the feelings of insufficency between school, my new social status (I used to be anarexic, but one of the most popular, classy girls at my school), and my lack of dedication to sewing, which I want to go to college for. I'm disgusted with myself and I just. need. help. I feel so alone, some one help me.
I can't stop comparing myself to audrey hepburn, and natalie portman, and celebrities. I'm not like any of them. I'm awful and crass and horrible. I hate this. I want to be back to normal. I want my mom to be happy.I **** everything up.
Whoa whoa whoa, take a deep breath, relax.
First things first. You cant blame yourself for your mothers "situation" and maybe her quitting her job can be a good thing maybe now she can get the help she needs.
Moving in with your grandparents will be a good thing, it will get you away from all this stress with your mother, you just need to get along with your grandparents i know all sorts of parents suck but they will take you in give you a good place to live feed you and im sure will help you in anyway.
You got to look at the positive side of things. I know life can suck at times, trust me im not in the greatest of moods right now my life sucks at the moment(but that's why im here to help people) but i know as bad as it may get, it will always get better, and you need to realize that your life will get better, it just has to get worse before it can get better. You will be ok I promise.
Heres somethings you need to change right away, or my promise may be broken.
You need to eat, drinking when your upset is one of the worst things especially for depression it makes it that much worse. and stop hooking up it may make you feel better at the time but it wont in the long run, you dont want to feel like a useless piece of meat and that your only good for sex do you? of course not, and you shouldn't your better than that.
If possible maybe try and transfer schools start out fresh and new. make new friends. People who will accept you for who you are, not who they want you to be.
I hope i helped, and i hope your life changes really soon.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj31k1Ssa… i saw somebody put this on someone elses question and i guess it helped them so maybe it can help you.
If you need anything else please feel free to let me know.
Heart is heavy,eyes full of a bucket tears!CRy?
I always try to stay positive no matter what the situation is,i always try to focus on my future and do the right things,whenever ppl around me try to distract me that sounds weird,coz i dont know them n i will try to get out of that situation as long as i live.i hate those bustard for what they have done or still doing! No need to spell out the names of half the worlds celebrities,photographer,musician,Indias… richest person,bollywood,hollywood celebs!!!Whats ****** up is evrything ain't right.****......evrything's a great lie....a decent apartment in ctg,a car, a good education a beautiful face doesnt mean that u are rich or whatever if so i wouldnt have to go to see mom by bus..i should have hired a personal helicopter or a Benz to drive>>>****** up
What you need is a good bike. Can't afford one? FINANCE it.
Ladies what's your opinion on this?
“The Most Dangerous Mistake YOU Probably Make With Women”

I want to ask you a very important question.

Are you GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY every time you meet a
beautiful woman?

Do you ever put on a mask and change your personality around
an attractive woman or anyone else?

Do you ever TRY EXTERMELY HARD to get a woman to like you
and leave your fate in HER hands HOPING she’ll chose you?

Do you ever try to prove to people how “cool” or “smart” you

Well, if you are the first thing I want you to do is STOP!

It’s IDIOTIC behavior.

And with that here is your first tip:

If you want to be REALLY successful with beautiful women,
you need to treat them like anyone else.

You need to realize that there is no difference between that
hot 22 year old than there was when she was an overweight 12
year old with glasses and braces.

Get it?

If you really want to stand out to a woman you CAN’T let the
pressure to be Mr. Cool fu*k with your personality.

How would you treat this “hot” girl if she suddenly gained
100 pounds?...

That’s what I’m talking about.

My point is that if you want to be successful with women,
you need to treat them the same regardless of looks.

She’s only “hot” when you decide that she is... plus your
definition of “hot” is some else’s ugly… if you really want
to get through to her don’t address her as “the hot girl”
but as another person.

Let me give you an example.

If you met Will Ferrell how would you address him?

How would you treat him if you knew him as a celebrity and praise him…

Would you treat him any differently than if you met him at
McDonalds and struck up a conversation having no idea who he

When you’re talking to a girl don’t treat her for the
persona you’ve given her… don't treat her with "celebrity" status.

just treat her like another person.

You’ve been ****** up by this idea of teachers, bosses,
parents and this idea of a social “ladder” and believing
that one human life is better than another one.

Would you treat Tom Brady any differently if he was a bum
on the street than “Quarterback of the New England

I think you get the idea.


You can’t let how rich, handsome, powerful or famous someone
is cause you to treat them ANY differently. They’re not
magically blessed – they’re no better or worse than anyone
else… they’re just humans going through their lives like
anyone else.

Looking at life this way will benefit you because once you
accept that you’re equal to everyone else, you will no
longer look to those who are “better” than you for

An example being that you realize you no longer need to try
to impress a girl just because she’s “hot”.

The reason this is so powerful is because when you think this way then you’re no longer putting others in control of your emotions and
you're no longer allowing others to have control of or your
fate… you don’t have control over anyone but yourself and
once you accept control of your life, that you’re going
to answer to NO ONE and that you’re NOT going to let anyone
else have ANY effect on your behavior your life will start
getting under your control and women will find you
incredibly attractive.

When you do your own thinking with NO concern for what anyone
else thinks, you also put yourself on TOP of the social
ladder. You don't need anyone else's approval and expect others to answer to YOU.

... Women perceive that you’re comfortable with who you are (and find it VERY attractive).

Another benefit to this is that it shows others you have
options in your life… if you acting needy, nervous or afraid
about a woman's reaction what do you think she assumes about you?

... That YOU’RE DESPRATE and you don’t have options so you’re
desperate to get her.

Do you think she wants a needy, insecure guy?


She wants a confident man who’s in control and knows what
he’s doing.

She wants a man who knows what he wants and goes after it
with no excuses. A man who she can feel safe and protected with.

If you want an example of what I’m talking about think about

Think of the most gorgeous girl you know.

Now, If Brad Pitt came up to her what do you think he would

Do you think he would be nervous and say, “hey… so what’s
your name? What are you doing here? I was wondering if I
could talk to you” and sit around and FORCE boring
conversation with her because he NEEDED her to like him?

... do you think he'd waste months or even just HOURS trying
to play it cool and flirt with her hoping she'd be attracted
to him?

Could you see Brad Pitt trying to force small talk with a
woman and put himself BELOW a woman from the moment he
starts talking to her?

I doubt it.

He would walk in confidently, probably knowing he has
Wo, you give quite good advice. That is exactly what every women looks for...
POLL: Whose the past, current, and next Celeb to get bashed by media?
my opinion..
As we all know the media loves to see celebrities with real talent crash and burn. They correct them on every mistake, forcing the celebs to aplogize. I think the media are just complete basterd ****** up douches that like to watch talent, Die!

Im asking about rumors made by media or corrections..Not Charlie Sean (he is the one who makes up things about himself)

Past: Michael Jackson--melesting boys
Current: Lady Gaga- Critisizing albulm cover; saying retarted; BTW-Modanna parody (BULLSHIT)
Next: hmm not really sure..??
Past: I would say MJ too
Current:Lindsay Lohan
Next:Miley Cyrus

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