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If you could do a love scene with a celebrity, who would it be and why? And where? How would you do it?
Celebrity: Amy Jo Johnson
Love Scene (Where/How): In the shower.
Why: Just 'cause.
Ooh, this is tough, it would be between Simon Baker, Gerard Butler and Jason Statham. If I had to chose it would be Jason, why, because I love his manly rugged look (don't care much for his movies except for the ones where he takes his shirt off :) Where, most other places sound daring(like on hood of a car, or on the beach in the sand) and adventurous but the bed is the most comfortable.
How do married celebrities do love scenes?
I just imagine my husband being a famous Hollywood actor and seeing him kiss and touch a beautiful Hollywood actress (for a movie only), how do they cope with it all? Does it cause trust issues, or is it all just part of the job?
Yes it does cause trust issues, that's why hollywood relationships don't usually last.
How can I explain the popularity of the Celebrity Apprentice for a pop culture project?
My English teacher wants us to choose a scene from a TV show and explain why this particular example of popular culture is important, interesting, or special. I love Celebrity Apprentice. How should I prepare an interpretation (my teacher said some students have written harry potter fan fictions books before; I want to be creative)? Thanks for any ideas. Maybe just that people love to watch drama (e.g. Meat Loaf and Gary, Nene and Starr)?
Celebrity Apprentice provides celebs working in a setting that a lot of people can relate to, while raising money for charity. Watching drama provokes critical thinking from the viewers as a parallel to conflict resolution in their own lives. Team dynamics then take on a role as to how well and to what end a project reaches completion.

For example: Star Jones was fired last week because she was trying to set up Marley (the Project Manager) to take the hit (because she couldn't "reel in" Meat Loaf), but she was ultimately responsible for brand messaging, and she hung herself trying to project the blame onto someone else.
I saw an amazing love scene yesterday....?
A friend tells another:
- I went to cinema to see a film last night and I saw an amasing love scene
-really? what film did u see?
-I don't know. When the lights came on I realised i was sitting facing away from the screen.

A wife is reading magazines and complains to the husband
- those journalists are idiots
- why?
- they keep on making the same mistakes. They write about deaths of celebrities bt not of their births!

A husband moans to his wife in his sleep:
- Honey could u take off my slippers and turn of the tv, please?
- Darling have some patience we are in cinema!
Haha @ the first one.
How likely it is for an actor to become aroused during a love scene?
It has always intrigued me. Many people say they do, yet many other people (specially men) will tell you that it is NOT every time that I man will have an erection. Such as girls asking why didn't their bfs have an erection when they saw them naked.

Some guys say when you are older you learn to control your reactions better.

Some people say doing a kissing scene with a beautiful actress might arouse a man. Yet here in my country we have this TV program where they make fun of celebrities they find at parties and events.

There this character called "The Silver Man", he wears nothing but a speedo, and is covered in silver paint.

And the joke he does is to distract one on the pretty girls he finds and when she is unaware he grabs her an plants a hot kiss on her, sometimes with tongue, but he never becomes aroused and we call all see that since he wearing only a speedo.

How likely it is for an actor to become aroused during a love scene.

Personal experiences from people who have worked in the business are welcomed. Thanks.
When an actor and actress are together on a bed

There are often also a Director, sound engineer, one or more Camera operators, a few riggers, Runners go-fors script writer, continuity adviser and other cast members watching

After 20 or more takes .. arousal is sometimes the last thing on an actors mind
When celebrities do love scenes are they actually doing something?
often not - they usually have stand ins or other actors who do "stunt acting" minus the stunts lol. some im sure do their own scene but intercourse never takes place!
What are the best male celebrity nude scenes in movies? i loved edward norton in american history X?
what else
Brad Pitt - Thelma and Louise, Fight CLub
Christian Bale - American Psycho.
Daniel Craig - Casino Royale (turture scene)

thats all i can think about lol...
hey im a guy !
How can i start acting im a 5'10 148 male with dreads and im a junior in high school yeah im sexy lol?
im good at anything i put my mind to i love football but wouldnt wanna go pro in it but i truelly love acting and the celebrity scene lol oh i live in los angeles california and go to venice high

btw and black people look cool in dreads. i hope your not white
What are good sweet 16 themes?
im planning a sweet sixteen for my cousin and she loves the whole music and celebrity scene....any ideas on what theme i should choose?
party is in june!!
1-red carpet theme where every one has 2 dress up like (with a red carpet, drinks that look like champange.. maybe apple cider or smthng, gourmet looking food, music)
2-american idol theme (have a contest and announce a winner at the end, pizza..)

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