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I also like the dark blue
Why are White guys so sensitive?
I told this White dude that White guys can never sexually satisfy a Black girl, so they act like they don't like them sometimes, but then they'd never turn down a hot one like me - which is TRUE. They have to buy hookers when that chocolate ebony wave crashes over them and they need some Easter treats. Anyway, I told him this and he turned beat red and started yelling and screaming. He might've been drunk, since White men LOVE to stay drunk. Why are they so sensitive though? Like they've got their little spideyman panties all up in a bunch.
LOL you Blacks are sensitive that's why the word n-e-g-r-o- is censored. You Blacks are quick to point out why everyone is racist but you guys say racist things in public .You Blacks also report everything . White men don't want Black women so you're delusional.

Black women are mad because they fake hair and ashy dookie skin.
Women, what do you think about this? DO you find it true?
Women, what do you think about this? DO you find it true?

Everybody’s been in Kim Kardashian’s mouth. Just as Ray J. stated in a recent television interview, that’s her claim to fame. And Kim Kardashian’s men, Black as they want to be, have to be rich enough to afford her—yet there’s no song on Black American radio that disses and degrades her. To the contrary, she’s written about as though we’ve been descended upon by Elizabeth Taylor.

O.J. Simpson’s famously dead wife, Nicole, was an uneducated “waitress” that he purchased Breast Implants for—then married and put in a five million dollar mansion. But there was never any song castigating her for being a skank and gold digger. Jennifer Lopez rose from a Solid Gold dancer and got all her breaks in life by sleeping with successful Black men who could further her career (Keenan Ivory Wayans, Sean Puffy Combs)…at which point…she took her “stardom created by the Black Community” over to White man Ben Affleck, then to her Puerto Rican husband’s bed; mission accomplished! Kimmora Lee Simmons, a rather pretentious phoney that I “viciously” slapped in the mouth several years ago—supposedly because I’m jealous and bitter about her Cabbage-Patch Face; Bread Box Shaped Body and don’t forget—her spectacularly flat ***, girdle-controlled tummy and butt pad supported photo shopped Ebony magazine layouts—started her gold digging in the African-American community, where she knew her failed Chinese model status would command top dollar. No Black officials greeted her with the words “skank” and no rappers berated her skin complexion or accused her of being a gold digger—as they did the singer Usher’s dark skinned self-employed Black millionaire wife.

Kimmora married Black hip hop Tycoon Russell Simmons, declared herself a “black woman” (as anyone in America can do at will; the Black Americans are ex-slaves and have no standards) and eventually launched a clothing line using Russell’s money he made off the Black Community (purporting this to be a “talent” in Essence Magazine); then after being dumped by Simmons for a more exotic even less Black-looking bombshell; tacked herself onto Djimon Hounsou (who, of course, I’m jealous that she stole from me; sarcasm intended). For this new gig, Kimmora had a baby despite the fact he wasn’t about to marry her—and, in my opinion anyway, dutifully produced the “lighter baby with good hair” as a holiday mascot for his skin-bleaching minions back in Benin, West Africa.

**** Kola Boof! (Oh he will sugar, he will).

Of course—nobody in the “Hip Hop Culture” refers to women like Gary Coleman’s White wife or Kobe Bryant’s video hoochie turned wife—or Kobe Bryant’s “rape accusing” Blond in Colorado with the SPERM of three men on her panties—as “bitches, Ho’s or gold diggers.” Black men just don’t disrespect the White Man’s Mother like that.

A few years ago, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx had a huge hit with a song about Gold diggers. This caused, at last, a music video that focused on beautiful guy-bearing age Black women—the Black Man’s mother. At the end of the song Kanye announced, “I’m going to leave you for a White Woman!” And all of Black America and the White Pop music world laughed, applauded, cheered and drove the song to #1 on the charts—despite the fact that almost none of today’s rich and famous Black men being exploited for their money are getting bilked by Black women.

It was a totally different reaction than Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall got for starring in the 1950’s gold digging blockbuster “HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE”—an all blond Hollywood celebration of beautiful women’s right to be paid “at the altar” just for being bombshells. And there’s tons of other films that cheer and celebrate the entitled White gold digger from “GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES” to Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s affectionate comedy “GOLD DIGGERS”—to all those celebrated Larry King Live and Anna Nicole Smith tabloid weddings. Amazingly, no one ever writes songs berating these types of women for marrying ugly rich men old enough to be their ancestor.

For beautiful Black women who want to be the rich man’s bombshell wife, however, it’s a whole multitude of double and triple standards.

Thirty years of rap stars, Black, White and Latino have singled out the Black man’s mother as “an innately born gold digger” and “nagging shrew” unworthy of love or respect as a woman. The message on nearly every single CD is that Bitches and Ho’s (which is how the Black Man’s mother is openly referenced on the public radio or at cookouts in the back yards of Black households in the United States) are to be used as sex mules; suitable for freaky sex, preferably discarded afterward and routinely impregnated.

You’re just a punk (according to many in Hip Hop culture) if you even think about taking her to a candle lit dinner or reading poems about her majestic dark shimmering face.
just read it. and it's the truth. unchallenged.

Of course—nobody in the “Hip Hop Culture” refers to women like Gary Coleman’s White wife or Kobe Bryant’s video hoochie turned wife—or Kobe Bryant’s “rape accusing” Blond in Colorado with the SPERM of three men on her panties—as “bitches, Ho’s or gold diggers.” Black men just don’t disrespect the White Man’s Mother like that.

truth, truth, truth. Thankyou Kola Boof- for being real. I dont care about the denial of others at this point.

Just the same how Monica Lewinksky gets a line of purses after screwing around with the President. A black woman would have been a world-class whore in the eyes of ALL of America.

Just like Karen Stephans is nicknamed "super head" while Kendra (renowed ho-bag) gets a husband. a black husband I may add. and Montel Williams marries a tramp he finds in a strip club. wifes her- gives her the lavish life. get out of here with the denial.
How to tasetfully describe getting a *****?
I'm writing a short story...the plot of it really doesn't matter...but at one point, one of the main characters, Alex, sees the other main character, Shea, getting undressed. I'm a girl, so I don't know what it's like to get a *****...and defintely not how to describe it without sounding crude...So here is the paragraph in which you could incorporate it...The stars, are where I intend to put it...but if you see anything else that seems appropriate to add, please don't be afraid to. Also, would you be turned on at this point (****)? And to what point?? Half-hard...fully hard...what??

Immediately, the door opened, and Shea padded in, only a towel wrapped around her slender body. The red cloth just reached her knees and water dripped down the length of her pale legs. She kept the towel clutched tightly to her chest, and her wet hair caressed her bare collar in damp ebony waves. Her back turned to him, Shea let the towel slip down until the top rested on her hips instead. The cotton hugged her butt, curves excentuated by the tight cloth wrapped around the base of her pale, bare back. Holding it in place with one hand, the towel threatening to slip further, she yanked a tight black t-shirt over her wet hair. Alex ***** as Shea released the towel entirely, letting it fall to her ankles. Nimbly, she stepped into a pair of red boyshort panties, pulling them up over her perk butt, cupping the two pale half moons in scarlet lace.
it feels like every thing is being drawn to a single place in ur body and everywhere else isn't important anymore...it can be very uncomfortable depending on what position you are in at the time (or what ur wearing)...the only thing worse than being kicked in the balls is having fabric of anykind touch the inside of ur equipment, plus it doesn't like to bend (which is a problem if u wear jeans alot). Just write about it like you have written the rest of ur story and i'm sure it will turn out fine.

lifting by "water dripped down the lenght of her pale legs"
hard by "the cotton hugged her butt, curves excentuated by the tight cloth"
fully hard by "she released the towel"
What is the likelihood of these things happening?
Tom Brady wearing nothing but uggs
dick butkus not getting made fun of because of his name
Joe montana wearing shape ups
Peyton Manning pole dancing
LT breaking your leg
Eli Manning not using his citizens watch
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drew brees getting that thing taken off his face
reggie bush getting his heisman back
ivory getting another running back named ebony
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derek anderson not being stupid in a press conference
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your questions are usually stupid, with this one being no exception, but the part about rob ryan being rex ryan with a wig on made me laugh because I thought the same thing lmao

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