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What can we do to keep Mexican "warriors" *** in Mexico?
According to the homo user on here yesterday was his 15th time trying jump the border to the US and he failed.

This is getting ridiculous don't you think?
Make a new giant wall like the Berlin wall during the cold war,separating mexico and the US.
Am I wrong to not give a rats *** on what Mexican/or illegal haters think?
Seriously. If they can't even be noble enough to care for their elderly parents,relatives,etc. What should anyone else expect from such ungreatful idiots? That place their loved ones? In nursery homes!
No, you don't have to give a rats ***.
We also don't have to give a rats *** when you are spit on by hard working people who have grandparents that immigrated here legally then fought in one of our wars.
What are some dope *** spanish/mexican rappers?
names? please no chicano rappers unless they are good.
Lucky Luciano (Pre - 2006)
Lil Bing
Chingo Bling (Once In A While)
Big Pun
Aztek Escobar
In Mexican Spanish slang how do you say "it'll put hair on your balls." also "pussy" & "shove it up your ***"?
I need this for a novel I'm writing--not to swear at someone. It needs to be Spanish as spoken in Mexico, not in Spain or other country where Spanish is spoken. Thanks
I'll put hair on your balls = Te voy a poner pelos en los huevos (but you really never say that).

P.ussy = Pucha

Shove it up your as-s = Métetelo por el culo

Good luck!
Yo I'm Peruvian and this annoying *** asian guy keeps calling me mexican...?
Yo I'm Peruvian and this annoying *** asian guy keeps calling me mexican just cause he is an idiot, I need some funny comebacks and **** to say back to this loser and what do i say to make him shut up, he has been going on for this for years, he ain't a bully or nothin he is just plain *** annoying (don't mind the grammar, I am way more educated I'm just pissed as hell right now)
Just tell him to shutup or call him chinese which is the stereotypical thing to call an asian. They hate when you randomly assume they are chinese.
So the Mexican Killa did it again..... who wants to see my fellow Tijuanense Margarito kick his *** now haha?
Haha Old Man Oscar cant cope with it anymore but oh well and i know wrong section haha but here is my FQ

FQ- Do you think Vilar of Atlante would have done better haha
like many, im kinda shocked, not that de la hoya lost, but how bad he lost, he got humiliated....bad! Damn, he just didnt do anything, Pacman just f'ed him up!!

Mad respects to Pacman, and I would also like to see him against Margarito, but i doubt he would fight him soon. Everyone is dodging Margarito...lets see if Pacman WILL step up to him.

About Vilar...uuuhmm Atlante lost, the only way he couldof done better is if he woulndt gotten scored on haha...
Would the Mexican authorities do anything about theft?
My husband just abandoned me and my 3 yr old daughter without warning. I woke up this morning and all his things were gone including my $400 ipod and a couple other things. I know he is still in the city (Puerto Vallarta). and I want to catch him. Will the Mexican cops do anything or would I be better off kicking his ***?
The local police could care less about your problems.
The police have been guilty of stealing from and killing tourists in the past so you might want to be careful in contacting the police.
If you have money and a credit card you don't need your husband or your ipod.
Beat him home and you can clean out the bank accounts and file for divorce.
Why mexican Wrestler are so much better than american wrestlers?
everytime when mexicans fight agains americans they can't win
chirs benoit lost his mask
in mexico kick the *** of andre the giant
bret hart and Hulk Hogan too!
jericho learn in mexico hirs wrestling style as Corazon d Leon

and so much examples. if u wanna watch that seach in youtube
but why????
The gringos are only good at drink beer and watching monday night football on TV.
What happens if i beat up the mexican janitor at school?
this mexican janitor at my school is so annoying always listing to his mexican music its im tired of that **** i am in the football team in the school so im much bigger then him will i get in trouble for kicking his ***?
You will get expelled then face court on assault charges, asshoIe.
What are some good Mexican gang and prison movies?
sort of like the movie blood in blood out. more actiony then drama also i remember seeing one at my friends house i only saw a clip. but these Mexican gang members were hanging out with a white dude and then they held him down on like boxes of stuff and raped him then stabbed him in the ***(i think they were in prison) i know that's not very helpful but if you recognize what its from then cool.
there is a movie: Mara Salvatrucha Sin Nombre of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, but they are not mexicans, they are from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador…

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