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How to become a primary school teacher? Thumbs up for all appropriate answers!?
What courses do I need to take at college to be a primary school teacher?
Also what are the best universities that do these courses?
By the way they must be in the UK!
Thumbs up for all appropriate answers!
Thanks very much! XxxX
Personally i would advise doin A levels many primary schools want specialised teachers i.e to teach P.e. you need to have done it as part of your training. I would say choose Alevels that you feel you would enjoy- don't be tempted to take a nursery nurse training course or a guycare course in college. Things like Music/ Drama/ Pe are very good to have and are needed in many primary schools. Also if teaching doesn't work Alevels are great to fall back on.
As for uni i'm pretty sure along with your teaching degree you choose a special subject i,e, Pe and also then take maths and science or science and english etc. something like that if you go onto various university websites they will tell you what they offer.

Also another way to approach it would to do a degree in something you love i.e again P.e or Music and then do a PGCE after that which is a year long and gives you the ability to teach anywhere but you also have the skills in a specific area if you ever wanted to do something else. At the moment teaching is very hard to get jobs in especially for women so really look into where you want to go and maybe base it so that when you finish you are in an area that will need teachers i.e. the north may need very few at the moment but the south maybe desperate.

From the Uni perspective decide whether you want to live home or away and how far away. I'm in uni now and it's really good. I did A levels and am currently studying Acting, i may get a PGCE in the future and take that route but i've found that if you always choose things you enjoy to do (I took P.e, Psychology and Drama for Alevels) you'll always be happy and it will come across in your performance.

Good luck :D xx
Thumbs up for answering: What are some cute hairstyles for curly hair to school?
Pictures would be helpful!

I have curly hair about 2 in past my shoulders. My hair is dark brown, my face is round, my eyes are hazel, and my skin is pale.

What hairstyles/hair accessories would look good?

BONUS: What are some cute/pretty outfit ideas for school?
It depends on how old you are. If you're, like, a ten year old, then pigtails would be nice with a t-shirt and jeans, or maybe a mini-skirt. If your a young teen (thirteen - fifteen) a ponytail or bun might look cute with a t-shirt and skinny jeans. If you are anything older that that, just leave your hair down or push it to the side (like my avatar) with a nice hair clip. Don't wear anything too fancy, just something normal.
Poll : have you evergot in a fight at school ? thumbs up !!!?
whats the first place you aim 4 ?
not a physical fight
Do you remember the game Thumbs up 7 up in elemetary school?
Do they still play that ? What was that game all about I forgot......
...isnt it heads up 7 up?
Its when theres 7 guys up in front and the rest are sitting down. they put their heads down (no peeking!) and the 7 guys sneak around and tap someone (or put their thumb down..) and when all 7 guys are back up front they say heads up seven up! and the 7 that were picked stand up and try to guess who got them.
Is This Why I Don't Want To Go To School? THUMBS UP EVERY ANSWER!?
I just woke up with a headache and I felt dizzy. After a while I got dressed and started to feel alright and I was happy. The night before there was no school and I was really angry over personal issues so I didn't get myself ready for school. This made me miss my bus because I forgot my travel card and my lunch money. I went to school halfway when I just gave up. Then I just bought some sweets and went home then slept. I've been worrying since i was 10 and i think its the main reason why this is happening.
It's an uncontrollable worrying in my mind about the past, presentt andFuturee. I feel like I will never be able toachievee all my goals and I am never who I want to be.It'ss like everyone is better than me! I think i've got depression or something. I give up! And help?
First of all, do not worry! This is very common! As you go through puberty, your hormones go crazy which can make you feel dizzy and poorly. I doubt you have depression as your symptoms don't sound as accurate as depression symptoms, but if you're really concerned, go to your doctor.

I think you should talk to your parent/carer/friend/teacher about this, as they will be more than happy to help!

Good luck!

R x
Help me pick the right school-10pts for the best answer and thumbs up for everyone.?
I have been accepted as a transfer student to The University of North Dakota and Ferris State University. I'm going to school to major in biology to become a doctor. I haven't been awarded fin. aid yet so i was thinking about going to whatever school is cheaper. please help me make a sensable desicion.

here are the websites if you need them
First, make sure your credits transfer to both institutions.

Both schools have about the same undergraduate population, but UND has about ten times as many grad students as Ferris. So chances are higher at UND that you will have TAs and GAs teaching the classes as opposed to actual professors. Conversely, UND has about $60 million more in endowment capitol, so they will probably have better labs and equipment.

Do some research on the campus life. See what student organizations exist and what kinds of programs/events occur on-campus. Most organizations have websites that describe what their group does. Moreover, most faculty and student leaders are amiable and eager to talk to new students; call or e-mail someone if you ever have a question or want more information.

Cost is an important factor, but it's relatively easy to find jobs on and off campus. Moreover, if your GPA is high enough you might be able to get a research position. Generally, though, it's can be easy to find extra money for college outside of grants, loans, and scholarships.
When you were in elementary school were you familiar with heads down thumbs up who all got picked stand up and?
Yeah. It was always the cool thing if you were picked! I remember guys getting creative with their hands or trying to put their arms up To get bumped. Damn. I feel old! Do they still do that now?
Outfit for the first day of school?? Ten points+thumbs up for all who answer!?
I know it's early but I'm thinking ahead.
Will someone make me an outfit for the first day of school?
I will be 14 by then and going into the eighth grade.
I like the stores: Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, and Wet Seal.
I have a preppy style.
I look younger than 14 because I am extremely short, flat, and skinny. So I want to wear clothes that will make me look a little older but not too old if you know what I mean.
I like accessories!!

10 points to BA plus a thumbs up for all who answer.!
i'm not good at making outfits but u should check out my blog. it's all of my favorite trends and back 2 school essentials. tell me what u think! :D

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