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Is it wrong to ignore small breasted or ugly women when they try and talk to me?
I hate it when ugly women- especially those with small breasts try and talk to me or hook up with me. Sometimes when I see them approaching me, I try to ignore them or get away? Is it wrong to only want to go out with hot women?
No more wrong than women only wanting men of a certain height.
What style/type of clothes/swimsuits are best for small breasted women?
Just wondering!

I have a curved spine, so it looks like I am "fater" than I really am. Along with that, I have small breasts to begin with and with my back it looks like I have reeeaaally small breasts. I'm not complaining, I'm just curious as to what type of clothes look best on girls of my shape! All serious answers and greatly appreciated! :-)
I'd Try a Tankini. They Would Probably Hide Your Spine and Show of Your Breasts a Little More Plus You Can Get Some Really Cute Ones. I Have One With a Bow Belt on the Bottoms.
Is there something wrong with small breasted women or what?
What is wrong with small breasts?
Men say breasts are an important feature (maybe not all men, but many). I know many of my friends speak of their own "big" breasts as powerful, and sexy (which I;m not denying, my friends look fab and so do many women). I on the other hand just have small breasts and hearing men and big busted women alike talk about breasts so much makes me feel somewhat ashamed and selfconsious. I just want to be happy with who I am so why can't everyone else too?
No, nothing wrong - they are the often the most beautiful and attractive. That is probably why a little extra shyness or modesty, if you will, has been put into them, lest they get all too cocky, so all the fun and pleasant stuff goes away.

I think the reason why big breasts are often proclaimed as being somehow better, is that girls themselves don't see the magic of their own breasts. That is why they figure that oh, if I have "more of them" then it must be better ...?

That is why the big breasted girls sometimes have less modesty than a very small breasted one. And that funnily enough makes them much easier and less risky to pass a compliment to. And boys pick up on that - because they like girls, to some extend ... but they don't want to run too great of a risk expressing that. So they adjust to basically the girls' interpretation of the size-issue when they speak publicly.

BUT as you may have noticed, boys don't always mean what they say publicly, and especially not if girls are listening in! And furthermore, the best guys don't even speak publicly and make judgments on such issues. Minor boys want revenge on girls for making them themselves feel awkward. Superior ones want to thank girls and build their confidence because they make them themselves feel at ease.

So I think all that "everybody says" stuff always should be taken with a grain of salt. A guy may get as nuts (or more) about one girl's very small breasts, as someone else does about someone elses big ones.
How long do i cook small breasted breaded chicken?
I have like 7 small breast breaded chicken. How long do i cook them in the oven?
What temperature are you cooking the chicken at? If your cooking at 425 F. then cook them for 20-25 min. If your cooking at 350 F. then cook them for about 35 min.
Are there bathing suits out there for small breasted women?
I have small breasts and whenever I bend over in a bathing suit, people can see right down my top! Are there other women out there with this problem and does anyone know where I should shop or what style of bathing suit would eliminate this problem?
hey see
for this.
you'll see the links specificly about this on the left and the right side so you dont have to go and search everywhere
searched and visited personally.
What clothes look best on small breasted women?
I'm hoping to go on a mini shopping spree for my birthday in August and I would like to buy alot of clothes! I have small breast though! A32 and everyone else I know has bigger bobs XD So I want to have clothes that look good on me! :DD
You can really wear anything - it just depends on your personal style.

For me I love to wear halter tops - look for something that cinches or has a tie under the bust. I also love heart-shaped necklines that accentuate the bust. Just try on different clothes and have fun - you're lucky to be blessed with such a versatile body!
Would you still date or marry a woman if you discovered she is small breasted?
Honestly if you went out with a woman or married a woman and then u discovered she has small breasts would this annoy you bother you or turn you off that you may consider leaving her or not feel satisfied
sure so long as she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose
What's the best bathing suit for a skinny small breasted girl?
i have a butt, just small boobs.
i like how my tankini makes me look but i want to be able to switch it up,
bikinis don't do much for my boobs, just make me look flatter.

I, too, am an ultra-skinny girl (well, more like woman, but whatever) with a nice butt and small chest. High five!

Anyway, for the top, there are ones that tie in front where the cups meet, and those can bring the girls a bit closer together. Trust me, though, avoid things that really squeeze em, or it just looks odd. Embrace their smallness; gives us skinny people a nice slim look. You can also go for a sports-bra type top. One that doesn't show too much cleavage tends to look the best, odd as it sounds.

And as a bonus bit of advice, I'd recommend boyshorts for bottoms. You HAVE to be skinny to pull them off, so we might as well take advantage of it, eh?
What are the chances of small breasted women ever getting married if they don't have a breast augmentation?
Most small breasted girls end up with depression and find thereselves in male strip clubs never finding a mate unless they have a breast augmentation.

Is there any documentation to support that some of the women without the breast augmentation end up having a boyfriend sometime in their life? Is there a percentage?
Why tinker with perfection. I wouldn't change a thing! Small breasts are incredibly sexy and satisfying to a lot of men - including me. Don't waste your money and spoil perfection.

To start with, According to BreastOptions,com, this is the average breast size breakdown for American women:

AA cup: 2%
A cup: 15%
B cup: 44%
C cup: 28%
D cup: 10%
DD cup: 1%

As you can see, A-Cups are third out of the 6 sizes listed. It would hardly stand to reason that ladies with the third most common breast size will have problems getting married without breast augmentation surgery.

Furthermore, there are many men (Myself included) who are much more attracted to ladies with smaller breasts than larger breasts. Just do a Yahoo Groups search to see that many men LOVE small-breasted women.

Third, I believe that you might be the victim off high school peer pressure. In other words, most guys in high school feel pressured by their peers to claim that bigger breasts are better. In actuality, most men will appreciate a woman’s' breasts regardless of size.

Just as a man is not validated by his penis size, a woman is not validated by her breast size. What is most important is the personality and the way they treat and respect others.

As you go through college, don't be surprised to have more men taking interest in you for who you are. And if a man complements you on your looks and/or your incredibly sexy small breasts, please do not doubt them or put them down or discount their opinion - the fact is that many men do find small breasts VERY SEXY!

Here are some pictures of very sexy celebrities with smaller breasts. Some of them are also married,

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)…
Calista Flockhart (Allie McBeal)
Kristin Kreuk (Smallville - Lana Lang)…
and Diane Farr (Numb3rs - Megan Reeves)…

As long as her inner beauty matches or exceeds her outer beauty - I will notice a small-breasted lady anytime!

I wish you all the best!
Why do most stores only make bras for small breasted girls?
Well, my boobs are a DD to an E cup & I have the hardest time ever finding cute bras my size.
If I'm lucky enough to find a DD or an E, it's usually frumpy & ugly looking.
Most of the really nice bras are A & B cups...Sometimes C.
Why do stores do this & wear can i find pretty bras for larger breasted girls?
I so know what you mean! I have DDs myself and my theory about cute bras for small breasts is bcs they need to be decorated haha cuz they are so small , we on the other hand are so amazing we don't need it LOL. But you can fond some cute lrger bras at lane Bryant and torrid I have seen some at those places.

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