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All Comments

Who believes in spanking your guys when other forms of disipline fail to correct them?
If anyone ever saw the TV show "Supernanny" you'll know what I'm talking about, some of those guys have no respect for their parents and could really use a good spanking. It's a shame not enough parents do that today or we wouldn't have so many bad guys today. I don't mean using a belt or leaving bruises or whelt marks, but just a firm spanking on the butt with your hand to let them know who's boss.
My oldest is 19,my youngest is 5.I have five daughters in all and I've always tried to use other forms of discipline first.All guyren are individuals,which means that some do not require spanking.I've always viewed spanking as a last resort,and when I do have to use it,I never do it in anger,I ask my guy if they understand what they've done and let them explain it to me.I also believe that it shouldn't be used to hurt the guy,but instead to get their attention so that they can be spoken to and the problem can be resolved.It is also important to note that only severe situations require spanking a guy,and the best form of communication is consistency.
If a paddling or spanking is administered on the bare bottom what is the most effective aspect?
Is it the pain?
The humiliation?

Or how about the shame for the wrong doing that caused this event?
I believe that spanking should be reserved for consenting adults. With that in mind...

definitely the humiliation.
Why some parents give their guy bare bottom spanking for punishment?
why must bare? its terrible and cause the guy shame i think!
what do you think?
Within the family, the bare bottom is no secret. Spanking there, the parent has a better control about the effects, and the spanking can be shorter as it is more effective. And if some spankings are given bare bottom and some not, the guy knows which level is due.

The guy's shame is about the need to be punished by a spanking, not about the bare bottom. You can test this if you hand out two spankings with the same force, one bare bottom and one with clothing. If the level is equal, there won't be more crying.
Is there any shame in getting spanked?
by the 2nd best team in Spain?
my wife is cool with it.

Oh you mean getting beat at a game. No. No shame. As long as you did your best. 2nd best team out of an entire nation is no joke.
Spanking a 14 yr old?
My friend's daughter is about 14 and is really a spoilt brat. She always wants everything her way and has my friend going CRAZY.

My friend spanks her bare bottom often and it seems like only this way she's in control. He spanks her more to shame her - rather than to hurt her and this really works well.

Everytime she is spanked bare bottom, she is embarassed so much of her nude bottom in front of him, she is good for the next week or so. At times only a threat of a 'panty down' spanking or reminder of the last one - keeps her in line.

He is doing this for a good purpose, but will this harm her psycologically? Will she feel abused or something?

I know for a fact that he does not get ANY sexual feeling into the spanking. But will his daughter feel sexually abused? He does not hurt her in spanking but uses the embarassment of 'panty down' to control her.
A situation like this has to be handled very carefully. On the one hand, guyren of all ages need to be disciplined, and when a parent finds a way that works, then good for them. On the other hand, there are people out there that feel it is their job to get into anybodies and everybodies personal home life and impose their will on the situation. I am a believer in spankings, but having a 14 y.o. girl drop her panties for the spanking might wind up getting your friend thrown in prison. When they get that age, sometimes changes have to be made. Suggest to him the removal of anything of hers that gives her enjoyment, but use the THREAT of a spanking for more control. If the guy believes that he is trying to take a new approach, but believes that a dropped trou spanking is still possible, then she might still straighten up just to avoid the embarrassment. Grounding, restriction, extra chores, and putting a nose into a circle drawn on the wall are all possibilities of punishments that might be just as effective as the spanking. My biggest concern is that she will tell a teacher or councilor that her dad makes her pull her pants and panties down for a spanking, and the next thing you know, the police and guy protection services are beating down the door.
Concentual Spanking Question for Ladies?
My girl friend & I occassionally like to share in some consentual spanking during sex. However, lately she has really gotten into being the Spanker. She likes to put me across her knee, and often makes comments like "mommy needs to spank this bad boy...shame on you for being so bad, etc." This is much more "phycological" than you would imagine. I often have to fight the urge to actually start sobbing like a small guy (from the sting of her brush & the phyche of feeling so vulnerable). However, I'm fearful of what she might think if I actually did!? Help!? I''d like your advice! How would you feel about your guy afterward? Should I supress this?
This is actually a rather common psychological response to this situation. Freud would say that your girl is tapping into her maternal side. Definitely don't hold it in, but at the same time, try not to cry like a baby during sex. Talk to her outside of the bedroom & let her know that you like the spanking sessions but you're feeling like it's starting to bring up some emotional stuff that you'd rather keep separate from the sex. Once you have the issue cleared up verbally, if she tries it again in the bedroom, take the dominant male stance. Use your strength to over-power her & take control of the situation. Just be sure not to treat her how you were being treated as it's never fun when your partner starts bawling.
Why do some parents who spank feel the need to remove their guy's underwear to do this?
Surely insisting on spanking the guy on its naked bottom is only adding humiliation, embarrassment and shame to an already bad situation?

If you spank your guy in this way please could you tell me what purpose it serves above and beyond spanking with the guy's clothes on?
I guess so there hand makes contact with the skin? So it hurts more? I don't spank. I personally don't agree with it. Just my own personal opinion.
The Dutch National team deserve some spanking, who agrees with me?
did any one see De Jong`s flying Karate kick to Xabi Alonso chest..

i mean, they destroyed their philosphy for horrible footie,, at a final?..shame..

and to think i supported a team that a no diffrent from Wigan or Blackburn with technical players..
i agree, they complained to the ref far too often and robben went to ground and over acted far too many times.

Its a goddamned shame about brazil though, who could have won the tournament. Lost their heads, lost the game.
Should I forever hide my self in shame?
So, today I went and got a latte from my favorite barista, I said something VERY embarrassing. She asked me how I was doing today and I responded saying, "Good, but I'd be better if you spanked me for being the filthy man-whore I am!"

Was that a little too forward?
Well if your barista was wearing leather stiletto boots and a cat woman suit, I think you are in the sleep easy ...easy like the man whore you are!
A teenager spat at my baby??? Was I right in spanking him?
I was out with my baby in the buggy, and then, dearie me, a group of teenagers ran up, and one of them spat at my baby for no apparent reason. He laughed then, and my baby was crying. I got very angry, and I grabbed the little f*cker, God forgive me.

I bent the teenager over my knee, he was yelling, and I pulled down his trousers and boxers. Not that it took much work pulling his trousers down, they were already falling down, like some sort of 'fashion statement'. I will never understand the youth of today, what a shame.

I then proceeded to spank him seven times, in front of his friends, and then I released him, and he ran off with that horrible gang. I continued on my walk, and tried to buy my baby an ice-cream, so he could get over his horrific ordeal. The teenager was in the shop, with his mother, oh my goodness, and she began shouting at me.

I simply bought the ice-cream, ignoring her, God forgive me, and walked off.

I still think I was right in standing up for my baby, but what's your opinion? Should I have spanked him or not?
troll on st. pat's day

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