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How can I get my wife wear pantyhose year-round?
Right now my wife wears pantyhose pretty much every day in the winter. I think it looks great and want her to wear them year-round. She's good with it, but just doesn't want to be "hot" in the spring/summer. Any advice?
I just answered your previous question in regards to summer pantyhose. Be sure to check it out.

Remember that while it is great your wife dresses in a way that you like, let her have enough room to breathe when it comes to picking out clothes she likes to wear. You can always have some nice dress-up times to yourselves while giving her the freedom to wear what is comfortable for her during other times.
What would get those women out there to start wearing pantyhose again?
Seems like all I hear anymore is how old-fashioned pantyhose are! I've posted some questions in the past in regards to this, because I happen to love women's legs! That's my weakness! There is notrhing more attractive than a woman in tan pantyhose in my opinion. So what would get you women out there to begin wearing them like in the 'old' days??? I think bare legs look so 'un-neat' and sloppy. Pantyhose finish off the look! Women like to see when men put some effort into looking good, right? Well, to me, pantyhose shows me that the woman wants to look good and makes that extra effort to do so!
My wife wears pantyhose and claims how good the feel on her. I hear comments from women of how uncomfortable they are, but I bet you're buying the wrong size and style! My wife likes Victoria Secret brand, and says they feel awesome! They certainly LOOK awesome!

So why not wear them! Trust me, MANY men LOVE them! You'd be surprised my the attention you'd get.
I love pantyhose and wear them everyday all day long. I'm 43 and look good for my age, but I love the look that pantyhose give my legs. I love the silky feeling and the massaging feel that refreshes me throughout the day. Contact me if you have anymore questions about pantyhose.
How to get my wife to wear pantyhose...?
I love seeing my wife in pantyhose, it is a huge turn on for me. Unfortunitly, she never wears pantyhose, except maybe once or twice a year. I have asked her before, but she says no or gets agitated and tells me it's wierd. I have now bought her some pantyhose from One Hanes Place. I bought 2 packages of Hanes Silk Refections French Cut pantyhose, one in suntan & the other is jet black. How can I get her to wear them? Currently they are sitting in my dresser still in the package, and I would love to find a way for her to put on a pair for me, but am unsure as to how to ask her....any help would be greatly appriciated...
Wear them yourself then slip into bed with her wearing nothing but pantyhose
What would the women out there think if they saw a guy wearing pants and pantyhose (no socks) or with shorts?
I am a married man and love to wear pantyhose. I don't get into wearing ladies clothes at all, just love weating pantyhose. My wife actually started me wearing them. She dared me to put a pair of her's on about 10 years ago, and I did. I loved how they felt and she loved how they looked? Years later, she got me to even shave my legs.
I'll often wear them under jeans with no socks when we go out.
On rare occassions, when we're away on trips, I've worn them with shorts. Mainly when we workout if hotel fitness centers and I've went bike riding while wearing them a few times.
I've gotten second glances but never any comments. I think they actually look pretty goood on me, but then again, I LOVE seeing women's legs in them!

I wonder what other women think if they notice me wearing them? I'm pretty athletic, I left 3 or 4 days per week, I run 3 days per week, so I'm not your typical pantyhose wearer!
I'd think wow! Now there's a man secure in his sexuality. Pantyhose are not just for girls anymore.
What would you think if you saw a guy in a polo shirt, kaki shorts, pantyhose, and sandals?
OK, so put aside the stereotype that pantyhose are for women....They now make them for men!
Isn't 'cleaner', neater, and better to look at a guy's legs that have been shaved with suntan pantyhose instead of looking at bare legs with thick, long, black hair all over them?
If pantyhose were accepted for both men and women, and it wasn't considered 'feminine' for a guy to wear pantyhose, would you think it looked better with or without pantyhose?

I'm a married guy that loves to wear pantyhose...My wife likes it too...
If I saw a guy wearing a polo shirt, kaki shorts, pantyhose and sandals I would probably think he looks nice. : ) I also agree on how it looks neater for when a guy does shaves his legs than have a whole leg full of hair. Much better looking. : )
What kinds of pantyhose can my wife wear in the summer that aren't going to make her burn up temperature-wise?
My wife wants to wear pantyhose year-round, but doesn't want to burn up in the summer. Are there any kinds of summer-pantyhose she can wear in warmer weather?
It would be helpful to know a little about denier as well as constructions of pantyhose. To answer your question, yes there are styles of hosiery that are comfortable to wear during the summer. They are typically 10 denier or less and/or sold as "summer pantyhose". A lot of stores typically don't carry this variation save for some department stores in the right seasons. Your best bet is online and I included some links for you. Of course you can always find more with a Google search.

My wife in Pantyhose?
Is there a polite way to get your wife to wear thigh highs or pantyhose more often? I love the way she looks in them and the feel of her legs. She has beautiful feet also and I tell her all the time. Ladies PLEASE HELP WITH A SUGGESTION!!!!!
LOL. I love when guys have the panty hose suggestion. Go buy her some for an occasion. Take her out for dinner- get her a gift- that way you don't have to ask her to wear them for you. Make the night very romantic- have some wine. Then when you get home get her in the mood.

Good for you though- still being into your wife. My BF and I always focus on keeping the heat in our relationship.
How can I get my wife to wear pantyhose for me?
My wife has great legs and she knows I have a passion for pantyhose. the problem is she doesn't like wearing them & I try ignoring the fact that for weeks, sometimes months on end she goes bare legged. I try to keep from asking her to wear pantyhose for me cause it causes a huge fight. What can I do to ge her to wear them for me.....at home in the privacy of our air conditioned bedroom, I figure there is no reason why she can't slip out of her clothes and put on just a pair of sheer pantyhose. Help me with this one ladies...would you wear nothing but pantyhose for your man if he asked you to?
just tell her you want to talk without a fight
tell her you just want to be heard
that you knwo she does not like pantyhose and you do not expect her to wear them but maybe every once in a while because you have a thing for her wearing them would she do it for you

only in private if she says no then you must respect her they are her legs

although I do not think it to much of a sacrifice to put on a pair for you on occation just for you in private
What pantyhose feel like the sheer energy in Wolford brand?
I want to buy my wife a pair of sheer pantyhose in the Wolford brand. I am looking for ultra sheer or sheer 10-20 denier with a smooth finish like sheer energy or hanes silk reflection.
Get the Sheer 15. They are great. You can also try the Fatal seamless ones. My wife likes those the most, she says they are the most comfortable.
How do I get my wife to wear pantyhose?
In public when we're out and about, as well as in bed.
buy a cuple of pairs of pantyhose and give them to her
- wear them yourself with her

don't she like pantyhose?

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